Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Podcast Episode 251 with Stuart McGill Phd-Back Health


Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Have you ever had back pain? Hip pain? Sciatica? Have you been told to do crunches and sit-ups to strengthen your core?  What is core stability? Spinal health?  Once a bad back always a bad back?  Is walking bad when you have back pain? Dr McGill and I discuss these topics and more during today's episode.  Go on over to doctordulaney.com and check out some video links to the episode as well.  Our members will get a link to the complete video.  

Stuart McGill PhD backfitpro.com

Books: Back Mechanic, Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, The Gift of Injury, Low Back Disorders.

Videos: The New Science of Golf and The Ultimate Back

Professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, Ontario. He was professor for thirty years directing the experimental research laboratory investigating the causal mechanisms of back pain, rehabilitation, injury resilience and performance.  

Key points: 

Create proximal stiffness to improve distal power.  Training should give more than it takes away. Today's society sits too much and walks too little.  Strategic stiffness is key to healthy and improved performance.  

No athlete or person desiring healthy movement will want to miss this interview.  Enjoy!

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