Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 386: Your Plate Equals Your Outcome



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What are you eating for?  A common reaction is stress eating.  Was your goal accomplished.  Most of the time that is temporary.  A short, feel good moment.  Goal achieved.  But then the guilt sets in.  Why, the goal was achieved?  The guilt is because we all know the real reason to eat is for energy and nutrition.  Did the junk food provide energy?  Often, yes.  The problem is that there was more energy and less nutrition than what was needed.  The excess energy and waste lead to ill health overtime.

Sometimes we have the goal of building muscle or recovering from work.  What is the best fuel?  What is the best fuel for regular metabolic function?  There are as many answers as you would like to spend time researching. 

How about we keep it simple. 

Common goals: health, performance, longevity. 


Let’s see how well I sorted this out for you today.  Thanks for listening.



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