Feb 18, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 108-New Changes Coming

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Nutrition as medicine.  Plants as medicine.  Those are the themes today.  What is it to be a physician that focus on nutrition to help people become healthy.  It is not much different from a diagnostic view.  One needs to be able to spend time with a patient to diagnose their problems.  The next step is to diagnose how their nutrition plays a role in causing and promoting thier disease.  That becomes tricky because it is rarely a part of the traditional medicine discussion.  We as physicians typically diagnose and then treat or problem solve.  This usually means to presribe medications.  It then becomes a partnership or a team approach with the patient and the physican joining to develop a plan to get to the point where their nutrition is healing and not participating in disease.  It is challenging and rewarding.  I look forward to the journey to achieve health working with each of my patients.  Follow my posts on Instagram to see what I eat @jaimeladulaney.  Check out my website at doctordulaney.com.  Email me at jamidulaney@gmail.com with questions.  I would love to hear from you and would be glad to do a telemedicne consult with you to help you on your journey.  

Thank you for listening.  


Feb 11, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 107-Happy Heart Day

Happy Heart Day!  Happy Valentine's Day.  What a great time to be a mender of hearts.  Better yet what a great time to be a preventer of broken hearts.  This episode is dedicated to my grandmothers both of which died of heart disease too young.  Both had diabetes, the biggest risk factor for heart disease.  It took me a long time to learn that these diseases are both preventable.  Still 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease.  That is significantly more than the 1 in 9 that develop breast cancer.  The American Heart Association say that 80% of heart disease could be prevented with lifestyle modification. It then goes on to talk about medications and procedures never addressing how to reverse these lifestyle behaviors.  Eat right?  How right?  Don't smoke that is a no brainer one would think.  Exercise?  How much is good enough because studies have shown that if you sit for prolonged periods it negates the effect of exercise. Diabetes?  How do you avoid it and better yet can your reverse it?   Yes you can with a whole foods plant based diet.  I hope you enjoy listening to my thoughts on the above.  Email me at jamidulaney@gmail.com or contact me at doctordulaney.com. Follow me on Instagram @jaimeladulaney to check out my meals.   Better yet set up a telemedicine conference to discuss your plant of action.  Spead some love this Valentine's day even with a simple hello to a stranger or acknowledging your waitor or check out persion at the grocery store.  Your heart will feel better and so will theirs.  


Feb 4, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 106 with Justin Lacy

The side effects of plant based nutrition are not only the elimination of medications but weight loss that is sustainable.  This is a way of life that is enjoyable that increases energy and positivity.  There are no gimmicks, and everything you need can be found in any grocery store.  Today's guest struggled with being overweight his entire life.  He has lost 100s of pounds only to gain them back plus more, finally topping out over 500 pounds.  A stranger's post on plant based nutrition intrigued him to ask more questions.  Her kindness to help him to begin his education resulted in a remarkable transformation.  In today's world more stories like this should be empahsized.  Justin Lacy is now a lighthouse for others struggling to get their health back.  His focus in on nutriton and health and yes the side effect was over 250 pounds of weight loss.  He is now a runner training for his first half marathon.  It is my pleasure to share with you our chat.   

I believe someday we will understand how the gut microbe participates in some individuals to pack on weight at a much greater rate than others.  It is not a lack of willpower as Justin proved with repeated weight loss and prolonged days of fasting.  Once he was able to get clean fruits and vegetables in his diet things changes.  Perhaps a gradual change in his gut flora was able to help.  Whatever the combinations of mechanisms, timing and support, Justin is achieving optimum health and wellbeing.  Congratulations.  I look forward to following his success.  

Contact me a Jamidulaney.gmail.com with questions.  I would love to consult via Telemedicine.  Check out the website for more information.  Follow me on Instagram @jaimeladulaney.  Thank you for listening. 


Jan 27, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Nutrition Podcast Episode 105-Nutrition Conference ReCap

Thank you for listening.  I am happy to announce the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference was a success.  The feedback was very positive.  Dr Michael Klaper gave a 1.5 hour fabulous as aways presentation driving home the harms of the Standard American Diet and giving simple advise to becoming plant based.  He shared his story as well as the stratagies used at TrueNorth Health Center to achieve a SOS free healthy diet.  The Nutrition Professor, Timaree Hagenburger RD wasted no time wowing the audience with an upclose method to achieve your health goals becoming plant based.  She showed the audience how to break the transition into small achievable steps.  This was followed by a cooking demonstration of  her daughter Mia's version of the Sushi Salad.  She showed chopping and prepping skills that were very helpful to those finding their way back into the kitchen.  My talk recapped the Blue Zones and how science supports their plant based lifestye and how their lifestye is supported by science.  

If you attended and enjoyed the conference leave me a comment on doctordulaney.com.  Feel free to email me at jamidulaney@gmail.com with questions.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at jaimeladulaney.  I try to post a lot of our daily meals.  I am available for telemedicine consults by contacting through email or the website.   

Plant Strong and run long.   See you after the Miami Marthon!


Jan 14, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 104 with Dr. Richard Aiken

We know that eating a whole food plant based diet can reverse cardiovascular disease and diabetes but what about diseases of the brain or mind?  I have the pleasure to chat with Dr. Richard Aiken today about such topics.  Refer to Episode 47 for our last discussion of his book, The New Ancestral Diet.  He has just released another book, Neurodietetics.  We discuss how plants protect themselves with compounds such as flavenoids and polyphenols that these same compounds help to boost our immunity and reduce inflamation.  This can promote brain health by a variety of mechanisms including stimulation of neurotransmitters and improved brain blood flow and the decrease in inflamation.  Dr. Aiken is practicing psychiatrist but he also has significant experience as a chemical engineer.   In his bood he even explains how to maximize nutrient extraction when cooking and blending.  We talk a littel cognative therapy to help transition to a plant based diet as well.  I hope you check out his book and website moodforlife.com and thenewancestraldiet.com.  You can follow him on Twitter @rcaiken.  

Don't forget to get your tickets on Eventbrite.com for the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference at Twin Isle CC in Punta Gorda, Florida January 21, 2017.  Email me with questions at jamidulaney@gmail.com.  My website is doctordulaney.com and you can see what's cooking in my house on Instagram at Jaimeladulaney.  

Thank you for listening.  


Jan 6, 2017

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 103 with Dr. Ruth Heidrich

I am sure you will enjoy my chat with Dr. Ruth Heidrich.  She is 81 years young and runs, bikes and swims everyday.  She takes no medications and eats a predominately raw plant based vegan diet.  She is the author multiple  books including A Race for Life, Lifelong Running, Senior Fitness and The CHEF cookbook.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 40s and chose nutrition over traditional chemo and radiation by adopting a predominately raw plant based diet.  Her books are entertaining and informative.  Check out her website at ruthheidrich.com.  She is very willing to answer any questions you may have.  Dr. Heidrich is a true inspriation and postitive role model for old and young alike.  Enjoy our chat.  

Please email me with questions at jamidulaney@gmail.com.  Visit my website at doctordulaney.com.  Please join me January 21, 2017 for our Second Annual Plant Based Nutrition Conference at Twin Isle Country Club in Punta Gorda, Florida.  Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.com.  

Thank you and Happy Plant Strong New Year!


Dec 30, 2016

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 102-Happy Plant Based New Year

Happy New Year! Almost.  I hope your have been enjoying delicious goals.   Not giant ones like loose 100 pounds or run 100 miles as the number one but something more attainable in the short run like adding more fruits to your daily intake or eliminating cheese for the first 30 days of January.  Keep a journal of your daily intakes of the good things and record your mistakes as well so that you can adjust each day and week.   Before you  know it you will be feeling great and off medications.   If you want off your BP, diabetic or cholesterol medications you can do it by being plant strong and eliminating processed foods and oils.  Stand your ground your health is at stake.  Everyday you delay your body is deteriorating.  If you are not healing your are decaying.  Stalk up your pantry with beans, rice and potatoes.  Make sure leafy greens, cabbage or spinach is on your weekly grocery list.  Don't forget the mushrooms, onions and peppers.  Make sure you have four servings of fruit each day available.  Frozen is ok as well  If you have a large bag of berries and a bunch of bananas you will be well on your way to being stalked for the week.  

Join me January 21, 2017 for the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference.  It will be a day of education and fine plant based dining and cooking demonstrations.   See my website, doctordulaney.com for detail and purchase your ticket on Eventbrite.com.  Email me with questions at jamidulaney@gmail.com.  


Dec 21, 2016

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 101-Happy Holidays

Can a plant based diet ruin the holidays?  Of course not.  It could be life saving.   Holiday heart is a real condition caused by overeating the Standard American Diet and consuming too much alcohol.  It can manifest as heart failure or arrhythmias.   Eating a whole foods plant based diet is very protective in this regard.   Just take the old recipes and eliminate the oil, the meat and dairy.   Protect yourself against others indulgence by bringing a covered dish or sweet treat that have safe ingredience such as dates and fruit instead of sugar and butter.  Life is better when you can breath and have energy.  Make sure that you have consumed a nutrient dense diet before you go out so that if the choices are limited you already have your antioxidants and phytochemicals consumed.  

I invite you to join me January 21, 2017 for our Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition conference. Tickets can be purchased in Eventbrite.com.  There will also be a drawing for 2 free tickets.  Email me with your plant based story at jamidulaney@gmail.com  and I will put your name in for the drawing.  

Peace and health to all creatures big and small.


Dec 16, 2016

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 100 with Maria Rybka

Happy Holidays to you!  Stay healthy and eat the rainbow but not from a box.  Take your favorite holiday meals/foods and make them plant strong.  Eliminate the processed oil.  Substitute  maple syrup or fruit for as sweetners and bring covered dishes to parties.   Be the Star!   Today's guest is Maria Rybka from Simplymoreplants.com.  She is on facebook at Rybkafamilygardens and you can email her at info@simplymoreplants.com.   We talk Tower Gardens and how they can add fun to your life and health to your plate.   Nothing beats growing your own food to know what is in it.  The Tower Garden can be indoors or outdoors and you can grow anything the grows above the ground.  So no root vegetables like carrots or potatoes but all of the greens and vine plants you can imaging.   

Two wonderful people stopped by my office this week and donnated money for 2 tickets to the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference to be held in Punta Gorda, Florida January 21,2017.  Email me at jamidulaney@gmail.com and tell me your story and why you should receive the tickets.  You will be place in a drawing three weeks before the conference.  Check out my website doctordulaney.com for additional information.  Purchase your tickets at Eventbrite.com.   

Stay plant strong because there is no better present than your health for the Holidays and forever.


Dec 8, 2016

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 99-CIM on Plants

This episode is a recap of my California International Marathon experience in Sacramento.  Traveling plant based does not have to be a challenge.  We enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market, vegan sushi at Lou's and cocount curried root vegetables at The Veg.  I find my recovery post marathon is enhanced by a whole foods plant based diet so much that I am not willing to compromise my health by fast foods or nutirent poor choices.  It does not have to be complicated or fancy.  If you are just beginning to change your diet keep it simple.  Roasted vegetables, soups and salads are an easy way to start.  That said traditions don't have to be abandoned such as Christmas baking.  I have transitioned our family baking traditions to deserts with more fruit and nuts and away from sugar and margarine.  With a little searching you can find more healthy deserts for the holidays that can be enjoyed by all without the consequences of high fat and high sugar alternatives.  

Email me at jamidulaney@gmail.com and visit my website, doctordulaney.com.  Join us January 21, 2017 for a full day of plant based nutrition education.  Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.com  


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