Oct 19, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 230:

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  There are many marketing campaigns about finding a cure for various cancers and other maladies.  Presidents have declared war on cancer and a commitment to ending heart disease.  Millions of dollars are spent on pharmaceutical research.  While this is all well and good, little effort is given to preventative campaigns.  The American Heart Walks will begin in a few months.  Again focus is on treatment instead of prevention.  I liken these things to the football analogy of prevent defense.  Let's be conservative in our efforts and hope the clock runs out before we loose the game.  We prescribe medications to ease suffering until the body finally cannot live any longer.  

In today's podcast, I discuss the mechanisms that risk factors cause disease.  Being overweight is a disease of modern society.  It is nearly impossible not to be with today's food choices. We don't realize that a few hundred extra calories each day translates into several thousand extra calories each year and over a  million calories in 10 years!.  Most adults struggle to keep that curve from going up steadily.  We yoyo diet up and down trying to play prevent defense.  The problem is the toxins we accumulate along with those added calories confounded by the hormones produced by the accumulated fat cells themselves.  

We have to keep our focus on the goal.  We have been led to believe that our happiness is connected only to the food we consume instead of life experiences. We are well served by eating vegetables, whole grains, and fruit.  We have abundance of food available to us and even plant based foods can lead to over consumption and ultimately the diseases associated with being overweight.  We have to regain our mindfulness of fueling our bodies in accordance to our metabolic needs.  

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Oct 12, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 229: Let’s Just Agree to Disagree

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Why does controversy seem to get the most attention?  Shocking news! Those doctors can't make up their minds what is healthy.  They want us sick?  Healthy is not good for the economy.  

You can win more friends with maple syrup than vinegar.  Unless, you are Dr. Esselstyn who loves balsamic vinegar.  Today I chat about what we all believe is healthy.  The facts that we agree on when it comes to nutrition.  We all agree that the risk factors for lifestyle  diseases are the same whether it is cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.  We are learning more about our gut microbiome everyday and its role in disease and health with regards to our immune system.  So if we use a little common sense, and apply what we know to a food such as red meat for instance, it is hard to say that it will not cause disease when it contains all the ingredients of disease that we agree on.  

Why must we take time to debate how much of a bad thing we can tolerate instead of how much of a good thing can we benefit from?  How do we put together a plate that will do us the most good not cause us the least harm.  

The most important thing you will do today is centered around maintaining the health of you and your love ones.  Not money.  Not things.  Not places.  You have the opportunity to positively impact the health of you and your family.  Do not miss that opportunity by picking up process food in a plastic container or box.  Prepare and present food that looks good, tastes good, and is good for you and your family.  Set a healthy example of activity and enjoy the process. 

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Oct 4, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 228: Ironman Chattanooga!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. This episode is a recap of Ironman Chattanooga.  I completed the 144.6 mile course last Sunday in very hot and humid conditions.  What does this have to do with plant based wellness?

Everything.  It is about pushing beyond your comfort zone.  It is about breaking a long day or a long journey down into manageable sections.  Life is an endurance event.  It is a challenge and an opportunity to grow and be grateful. Many of the obstacles that limit us are because we let them.  The negative chatter in our heads starts to take over and escalates.  

I hope you find this episode entertaining and motivational.  Thank you for listening.  

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Sep 20, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Welness Podcast Episode 227-How are You Going to Up Your Game

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I hope you had the opportunity to see The Game Changers Movie.  We had a great turnout here in Port Charlotte, Florida.  I think there were many positives from the movie, and it was very educational.  Yes you can be big and strong and eat plants.  I especially liked the comment from one of the athletes that he just discovered asparagus like it was a new invention.   Another athlete joked that you don't have to eat an ox to be as strong as one.  

So what are your take aways?  Will you up your nutritional game? Your exercise game?  We all have ways we can improve our health.  Yes you can be healthy, lean and energetic.  What are your goals for the rest of the year? Don't let the play clock run out.  

I hope you enjoy my discussion of the movie and gain a few pearls from the studies that I discuss this week.

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Sep 13, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 226: It’s all about the flow!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  I am a plant based cardiologist that specializes in reversing lifestyle diseases through plant based nutrition and movement.  This allows me to eliminate the need for medications that many people think they will require for a lifetime.  

Athletes and sports psychologists talk about the flow state.  As a cardiologist the flow state that I am referring to is through the blood vessels. These tiny conducts have an inner most lining of endothelial cells that secret nitric oxide resulting in dilatation or enlargement of the blood vessel.  That means more blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  Want to run fast? You had better be able to get more blood flow to your legs.  Want to have a good memory?  You had better have good blood flow to your brain.  Want to restore health?  Supply the body with more nutrients through unobstructed blood flow.  

There was a study published this month by Lima et all in JAMA Cardiol. that looked at endothelial dilatation in response to the stress of a public speaking exercise on blood flow or endothelial reactivity.  The people studied had know coronary artery disease.  In the patients that had worsening endothelial dilatation after the stress of public speaking, there were a greater number of follow up deaths, heart failure episodes and unstable angina.  It was suggested that screening patients with this method may determine those at greater risk for cardiovascular events.  

Ok now, we know that people with endothelial dysfunction are at risk if they have known coronary artery disease.  How are we going to fix it? 

If we improve endothelial reactivity, will athletic performance improve? If eating oil causes vasoconstriction will that impair athletic performance? 

I hope you are going to see The Game Changers Premier September 16, 2019.  I believe it will change the lives of many athletes that want to take their performance to a new level.  

I discuss these things and more on this episode. 

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Sep 6, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 225: Hold the Phone, This Doesn’t Make Sense

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. I am fired up today about a new study released in the British Medical Journal that suggests there may be more bleeding strokes in folks that eat vegetarian or vegan than meat eaters or fish eaters.  Of course the overindulgent journalists for major news networks are quick to point a finger at us dietary puritans that don't eat free range or factory farmed animals.  Hooray, a hole in our plant based armor!  Not so fast.  There is some funny math going on as well as a skewed population.  Nutritional studies that rely on dietary questionnaires are very difficult to interpret let alone to use that information to project future risk. 

Let's stick to what we do know.  High cholesterol and high inflammatory states are risks for lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease.  These are largely caused by dietary excesses.  There is a continuum of risk from the worst nutrition to the most optimal.  I am very comfortable recommending a whole foods plant based diet that is low fat and high fiber. I am also very comfortable at recommending lean body mass and vigorous exercise on a daily basis.  We are not a country sick from deficiencies but a country sick from excesses.  

Listen in for more about these topics and more.  Go over to our website at doctordulaney.com and get the link to our new cookbook: Plant Based Wellness Cookbook, three generations of family cooking; the Doctor, the Dietitian and the Diva.  Go on over to eventbrite.com/e/fifth-annual-charlotte-county-plant-based-wellness-conference-tickets-71110289791?aff=ehomesaved and get your ticket for our plant based wellness conference.  Email me at jami@doctordulaney.com if you are interested in a one full week of plant based education on site with myself and the Dietitian Addie@doctordulaney.com

The immersion program will culminate with the nutrition conference on Saturday. More details to follow.  

Thank you for listening!

Aug 30, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 224-Visiting with Naples Florida Green Scene

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The format of this episode is a little different.  It is a recording of my book signing and talk in Naples Florida along with a Q and A.  I hope you enjoy the discussions.  It is quite informal.  I enjoyed getting to know many of the folks there.  There were cancer survivors, those that had reversed cardiovascular disease, athletes and folks interested in becoming plant based.  

Meet-up groups are a great way to find like minded individuals.  Early innovators help spread the word that plant based nutrition can prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.  Eating colorful living food is a big part of a healthy active lifestyle.  Our cookbook provides simple recipes that are just that.  Colorful and nutrient dense for the whole family to enjoy.  It is great being around individuals that want to take responsibility for their health and question traditional wait and watch protocols that are often more money generating than health generating.  

We welcome questions at our practice and we are dedicated to spending time with our members to help them reach optimal health and wellness.  I am not against traditional medicine when indicated.  However, nutrition must be the bedrock of health and wellness.  Check our our website at doctordulaney.com and sign up for our newsletter or blogpost.  If you would like to take control of your own health and wellness, send us an email to schedule a free consultation to see if the practice is right for you.  

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Aug 24, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 223-If A Grizzly Can Eat Plants So Can You

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Grizzly bears eat a lot of plants because catching animals is not that easy.  Wolves are carnivores but are only successful at capturing their prey 30% of their efforts.  If these to predators don't eat meat every day then why do humans?  Our lifestyle diseases are largely from metabolic excess and toxin exposure that goes along with excess nutrition.  

If you look at a day of half and half coffee creamer, eggs, butter on toast, olive oil on vegetables and ranch dressing on a salad you can figure on an extra 450 calories of fat a day.  That translates into about an extra pound gained every 8-9 days or the same lost if that were to be replaced by soy milk, oatmeal, and the elimination of oil in the preparation of vegetables.  Can you imagine how many calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol would be added if meat was in that menu?  

The health of humans is rapidly deteriorating secondary to the excess energy consumed on a daily basis.  We cannot adequately address lifestyle diseases without addressing nutrition. Enjoy the podcast as I discuss these things and more.   Check out our website at doctordulaney.com to sign up for the newsletter, blogpost, and click on the link to order our new cookbook.  Plant based Wellness Cookbook, three generations of cooking; the Doctor, the Dietitian and the Diva.  It is also available on amazon.com/dp/1733967702/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_W7T7CbY3DRF9T_nodl

Thank you for listening. 

Aug 17, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 222: Seven Ways to Improve Your Health and Longevity

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  My grandmother always said, "don't put off tomorrow what you could be doing today"  Those are some great words to live by when focusing on health and wellness as well.  We can be of even better service to others if we also focus on keeping fit and healthy.   The American Heart Association have published "Life's Simple 7"  with regard to vascular health in the future as well as future risk of dementia.  They focused on just two decades showing the best outcomes with the best health score.   That time goes fast and even faster if you are in poor health.  Putting off a healthy life changes makes optimal health a far reach. 

Life is a marathon and not a sprint.  Focusing on fad diets to loose a quick 20 pounds does not result in improved long term health if the methods involve eating a high fat and low fiber diet.  Plant based nutrition will allow you to attain those 7 metrics associated with improved immediate and long term health.  You cannot run a good marathon if you do not train.  Enjoying the training journey is part of that process.  Everyday is an opportunity to improve but not without a plan or intension.  

Enjoy today's podcast discussion.  Thank you for the emails.  Send questions to jami@doctordulaney.com.  Visit our website atdoctordulaney.com and sign up for the newsletter or learn about how you can become part of our member team.  If you have not purchased your cookbook you can click on the link on the website or amazon.com/dp/1733967702/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_W7T7CbY3DRF9T_nodl.

Thank you for listening. 

Aug 13, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 221-Just How Bad is That Cheat Meal?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!. A lot of paleo people say they need a cheat meal because they have such a craving for carbohydrates that they have been denying their bodies.  It would be a good thing to cheat on a keto or paleo diet if it were with nutrient dense fruit or colorful vegetables, but they are mostly referring to refined carbohydrates such as simple sugars in deserts or bread type products. But what about those that try to eat a fairly "clean" diet of fruits, vegetables and a severing of meat who then gorge out on a huge portion of animal products like a 42 oz steak?  It was on a dare.  Is it worth it to win a prize?  Your name on the wall.  

I saw such a post about a man that did just that, and I wondered if he had regrets? I wondered if he realized that the toxins he ingested were not going to go away in a few hours or even weeks perhaps.  That fat and cholesterol ingested could be deposited into his blood vessels starting a flurry of inflammation and accelerated clotting of his blood.  We know from looking with the naked eye at blood drawn after a high fat meal that it appears white and cloudy.  In a 42 oz steak there is somewhere around 288 grams of fat and 1200 mg of cholesterol!

Ok you say, your cheat meal is not that bad.  It is just a piece of cake or a box of mac and cheese.  How bad?  Will it cause you to get Type 2 diabetes that day? What about your bad genes and a bad meal?

I will discuss those things a more on this episode.  I hope you enjoy. 

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Thank you for listening!

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