Dec 8, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 190-Californial International Marathon Recap- and Some Holiday Cheer

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  I finished the marathon but it did not go as I had wished.  I probably should have seen it coming and adjusted accordingly, but it was the last marathon of the year, and I wanted to make sure I gave it my all.  Unfortunately, my all occurred at about mile 7 and then it was 19 miles of survival.  

It is a lot like the holiday season from a nutrition view.  You start out with good intentions and then get derailed and just try to survive.  In the days leading up to the marathon I became focused on a time that I could run that would make me happy, and a time that I could run if I had a miraculous race, without taking into consideration of my physical state. I did not come out of the Ironman race without some minor injuries in October which left me 8 weeks to recover from an Ironman and get ready for the marathon.  I just hoped that the training would sort itself out, and I would be ready.  I almost was.  We fool ourselves into thinking we are ready for the challenge and then somehow just go on autopilot when it is the most dangerous time to not be hyperaware.  

So when you go to the holiday parties without much of a plan or go shopping for those gifts for coworkers and friends, have a plan that is detailed and follow it.  Have a back up plan for the unexpected.  Regular Christmas cookies are plant based nutrition explosives made with butter, oils, sugar, eggs and white flour.  Corn syrup and white sugar is everywhere.  If it is not sweet, it is filled with some form of cheese and salt.  Make rules.  Bring something you can eat.  Give others gifts of health instead of derailing them as well.  Gift cards to health food stores for the mailman and other service people will be welcomed versus another tin of buttered cookies.  

We are having the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference March 30, 2019.  Tickets to this life changing positive event would make a great Holiday Gift.  You can find more information at  Please check out the website at for information about our practice, free recipes, weekly blog and much more.  Email me at with questions.  

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Nov 23, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 189-Thriving Through the Holidays

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  By this time you have finished your Thanksgiving dinner.  How did you fare? Did you stay plant based or did you decide to "enjoy" the holiday and partake in all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods.  Perhaps you skipped the turkey but did not worry about how the side dishes were prepared.  Butter, oil, eggs, and other animal products can add up quickly to increase your cholesterol and sodium intake.  How does just ONE meal cause a problem?  

Have you decided on some rules for yourself regarding your nutrition? Now, we are entering the shopping and holiday party season.  Will you be tempted by the flavored coffees and holiday pastries?  What are you plans for dinning when out shopping?  Will you be grabbing fast foods because you just don't have time or are too tired to prepare a meal at home?  Will you continue your exercise program or use that gym time for shopping and baking?  You can see how a healthy lifestyle plan can easily be derailed.

I would challenge you to be the example this holiday season.  You still have time to prepare.  Continue to eat plant strong and be an example for others.  How is it that you look so good at the holiday party with others have continued to gain weight?  Do not give up your health goals because others are not interested.  If your health is important to you, making good choices is a no brainer.  What kind of message do you send if you choose to eat poorly when tempted or it is not convenient.  Why should someone prepare plant based options for you when you are not steadfast in your choices?  

I discuss those topics and much more on this episode.  My health is the most important things to me and I am not influenced by others choosing to be unhealthy.  Please check out my website at to sign up for the newsletter and blog.  Let us help you achieve and maintain your optimal health and wellness.  Email me at for more information.  

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Nov 17, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 188-Answering Your Questions on Navigating the Thanksgiving Holiday and Being Plant Based with Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  Next week is Thanksgiving and chances are you will be asked to cook or eat food that is not plant based.  It may be a vegetable that is prepared with dairy or meat or oil.  You may be asked why you do not want to eat turkey or other "natural" foods of the holidays. 

Today, Addie and I share what we eat on Thanksgiving and how to navigate around some common questions.   Even the veteran vegan can get overwhelmed by the rapid fire questions of nonvegans at the family get together.  This can leave you doubting your own choices and convictions and lead to errors in choices sometimes to just get along. 

I do not believe one should have to compromise their health to "just get along."  The reality is that you are not only compromising your health but giving justification to others poor choices.  When you go with the masses, you are saying in fact your choice does not matter,  and your health does not matter.  You are sending the message to yourself that your health is not worth the effort.  

We believe you can have a happy AND healthy holiday season with a little attention to detail.  What you eat this holiday season will affect your body for not only days but years to come.

Don't miss the part where we discuss why it is not to late for anyone to begin running., episode Sept 28 episode. 

Addie and I wish you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  We encourage you to eat a  plant based, colorful plate and to keep your body moving.  

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Nov 9, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 187-Let Addie Majnaric, RDN and I Help You to Navigate the Holidays

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN joins me today as we discuss navigating your nutrition through the holiday season.  Yes, the eating season is upon us.  Halloween kicked things off with sugary temptations.  Thanksgiving brings advertisements for high calorie, fat laden foods along with more deserts.  Holiday parties are beginning.  

We all want to fit in but maintain our health at the same time.  Justifying our plant based choices can be tiring.  The temptations of nostalgic foods can be overwhelming if you are new to a whole foods way of eating.  How can you stay true to your health commitments and still be part of the celebration?  

We offer tips on not only to survive the holidays but thrive and enjoy them while staying healthy.  We are going to share our family Thanksgiving menus and recipes in our upcoming newsletter.  So go to and sign up for the newsletter.  While your there check out the weekly blogposts with tips and suggestions to achieve health and wellness.  Email us at and with questions.  You can also check out Addies website at


Nov 3, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 186-Change is All about Believing

Welcome and thank you for listening.  This episode is about obstacles to eating plant based and how you might deal with them.  When people are just learning what a whole foods plant based diet is, they are often tripped up by hidden ingredients.  We have been so removed from our food sources that some people are not even sure where eggs and butter originate let alone the fact that they are associated with  lifestyle diseases.  But sometimes it is not about the concept of what IS plant based but more about choice and conviction.  

To have conviction to change you first need to be fairly certain that is going to work.  Maybe that is why nutrition has a lot in common with religion.  You need to have faith that it will really work for you. Will I really live longer giving up cheese?  Will eating kale make me be able to get off of BP medications?  What is nitric oxide anyway and can't I take a vitamin to get it? How could one cheat meal hurt?  Am I missing certain nutrients that I never have thought about before?

There are certainly stumbling blocks for those with the best of convictions.  In today's episode I will give some tips on how to get around some of them.  

This podcast is about providing information to sure up your convictions about changing to a plant based diet.  I will discuss health benefits associated with eating plant based as well as why physical activity is so important in maintaining health.  I hope you enjoy. 

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Oct 27, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 185-What you can do to prevent a heart attack

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I have been a practicing cardiologist for over 25 years.  I am still surprised when I hear people say that they did not expect they or their family members would have a heart attack. They did not see it coming despite all the warning signs.  Many people have said that the victim just had a stress test or just received a clean bill of health.  How did this happen?  Most heart attacks occur from a blockage that was only about 20% the day before.  The plaque or raised area in the blood vessel ruptures like a balloon too full of air or from a puncture from a sharp cholesterol crystal.  This sets off the clotting mechanisms in the body obstructing the blood flow down the artery.  The heart muscle no longer gets oxygen and will die if not restored quickly.  How quick depends on how healthy the blood flow system was before the heart attack

In this episode, I will discuss how you can prevent a heart attack and vascular disease affecting other organs.  I will also discuss my training and the latest wellness challenge in my membership practice.  I'll bring you up to date on what is cooking in nutrition class and much more.

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Oct 20, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 184-with Laurie Marbas,MD

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Will Tuttle once made a joke that a Stage 2B vegan was an angry vegan.  That was in the context of describing what it was like to be excited to share the news of veganism, but others were less than excited to hear.  I have been doing classes and talks for many years now and it is still draining at the end of a day when you are speaking primarily to folks that are new to the message or really are not quite ready to get on board.  I have to remind myself that this is part of the necessary process and we all have to start somewhere.  You never know when the light will come on for one more person allowing them to get healthy and enjoy life even more.  I had this experience at a health fair for the county school district this week and I will discuss it more in the podcast.

I also have Dr. Laurie Marbas as a guest today.  She was introduced to plant based nutrition by a patient and over the past 7-8 years has incorporated teaching the health benefits in many aspects of her professional career.  I hope you enjoy hearing about her journey and the wonderful work she is doing to promote plant based nutrition.  

Laurie Marbas, MD:  Instagram @drlauiemarbas  Facebook at Laurie Marbas, and website  She can be reached for consultation at

She is the managing editor of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention,  

We would love to help you get back your health.  Sign up for my free monthly newsletter or weekly blogpost at and give us a call to learn more about our practice at 941-235-9231. 

Thank you for listening as always.  



Oct 13, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 183-Plant Based Disconnects

Welcome and Thank you for listening. Sometimes you feel very comfortable being plant based and then someone raises a question that causes you to stumble.  While pondering the answer, you are thinking of more questions.  Sometimes we sort out what we are thinking best by talking.  It is a way to get our own heads in order.  Sometimes we just need to listen in order to get our own heads in order.  Sometimes the words spoken are not even appreciated by the person speaking.

This week I have listened to several people from several sources.  Some were in person and some I heard while being interviewed by other people.  In today's episode, I would like to discuss some of these thoughts and perhaps it will allow you to listen more closely to what others are saying and even perhaps appreciated what you are saying to others with your words. 

Over 600,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease.  Many more die from other lifestyle diseases.  Adopting a plant based diet could decrease these deaths substantially yet it is not even considered as a treatment by most people or even health care providers.  Influenza and pneumonia resulted in around 80,000 deaths in 2017-2018 season up more than 60% over the 2012-2013 data.  People are urged to get a flu shot and most comply with only a 20% chance of it being protective.  

Why do people get flu shots but continue to eat the Standard American Diet that is partly responsible for 600,000 deaths each year?  There is minimal effort in getting a flu shot and it is marketed everywhere.  Physicians recommend the flu shot and some work places demand it so there will not be work days lost from getting the flu.  

I discuss this and much more on today's podcast.  If you have questions, please email me at and please visit the website at  You can find out more about our medical practice there and what we offer and please check out my weekly blog about all things healthy.  

Thank you for listening. 



Oct 4, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode182 Ironman Chattanooga Recap

Welcome and thank you for listening.  In this episode I recap my sixth Ironman Finish in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It is my third time racing in Chattanooga.  It is a great town with friendly people and offers a lot of great places for plant strong eating.  I am not going to give the race details away hear but I hope you enjoy my struggles and triumphs.  Every race offers a good story and plenty of challenges not unlike life itself.  

Favorite restaurants we ate at: or Cashews and or Taziki's.  

Places to visit: Chickamauga, Georgia-minutes from Chattanooga and sight of Civil War Battlefield.  

How to follow an Ironman race:

I believe that plant based nutrition is the key to health and wellness and is certainly a must for endurance sports.  If you are interested in making plant based nutrition a part of your preparation for endurance events check out our website at or email me with any questions at  I would love to hear from you.  


Sep 25, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 181-Why Marathon Running and Endurance Sports Are Good For You

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I am about to compete in Ironman Chattanooga which is a 144.6 mile triathlon:2.4 miles swim, 116 mile bike and 26.2.   The average finish time is somewhere around 12:30 hours.  The average  marathon or 26.2 mile run time  is 4-4:30 hours.  Over half of all marathoners are over 40 years of age.

 Why run or run bike swim that far you ask?  Is it healthy? Is it necessary? Some physicians say it is bad and we should limit our activities.  These are just a few topics I discuss in today's episode.  Bottom line is that we as humans were meant to move much more than we do now.  We were not meant to sit inside in a cubical or on a couch for hours on end.  We need fresh air and to push ourselves just a little bit further than we think we can.  I hope you enjoy my discussion.  

If you have questions please email me at and please visit the website at  

We would love to help you prepare for your next adventure.

Eat plants, run strong and thank you for listening. 


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