Oct 13, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 183-Plant Based Disconnects

Welcome and Thank you for listening. Sometimes you feel very comfortable being plant based and then someone raises a question that causes you to stumble.  While pondering the answer, you are thinking of more questions.  Sometimes we sort out what we are thinking best by talking.  It is a way to get our own heads in order.  Sometimes we just need to listen in order to get our own heads in order.  Sometimes the words spoken are not even appreciated by the person speaking.

This week I have listened to several people from several sources.  Some were in person and some I heard while being interviewed by other people.  In today's episode, I would like to discuss some of these thoughts and perhaps it will allow you to listen more closely to what others are saying and even perhaps appreciated what you are saying to others with your words. 

Over 600,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease.  Many more die from other lifestyle diseases.  Adopting a plant based diet could decrease these deaths substantially yet it is not even considered as a treatment by most people or even health care providers.  Influenza and pneumonia resulted in around 80,000 deaths in 2017-2018 season up more than 60% over the 2012-2013 data.  People are urged to get a flu shot and most comply with only a 20% chance of it being protective.  

Why do people get flu shots but continue to eat the Standard American Diet that is partly responsible for 600,000 deaths each year?  There is minimal effort in getting a flu shot and it is marketed everywhere.  Physicians recommend the flu shot and some work places demand it so there will not be work days lost from getting the flu.  

I discuss this and much more on today's podcast.  If you have questions, please email me at jami@doctordulaney.com and please visit the website at doctordulaney.com.  You can find out more about our medical practice there and what we offer and please check out my weekly blog about all things healthy.  

Thank you for listening. 



Oct 4, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode182 Ironman Chattanooga Recap

Welcome and thank you for listening.  In this episode I recap my sixth Ironman Finish in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It is my third time racing in Chattanooga.  It is a great town with friendly people and offers a lot of great places for plant strong eating.  I am not going to give the race details away hear but I hope you enjoy my struggles and triumphs.  Every race offers a good story and plenty of challenges not unlike life itself.  

Favorite restaurants we ate at: cashewchattanooga.com or Cashews and Tazikiscafe.com or Taziki's.  

Places to visit: Chickamauga, Georgia-minutes from Chattanooga and sight of Civil War Battlefield.  

How to follow an Ironman race: ironman.com

I believe that plant based nutrition is the key to health and wellness and is certainly a must for endurance sports.  If you are interested in making plant based nutrition a part of your preparation for endurance events check out our website at doctordulaney.com or email me with any questions at jami@doctordulaney.com.  I would love to hear from you.  


Sep 25, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 181-Why Marathon Running and Endurance Sports Are Good For You

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I am about to compete in Ironman Chattanooga which is a 144.6 mile triathlon:2.4 miles swim, 116 mile bike and 26.2.   The average finish time is somewhere around 12:30 hours.  The average  marathon or 26.2 mile run time  is 4-4:30 hours.  Over half of all marathoners are over 40 years of age.

 Why run or run bike swim that far you ask?  Is it healthy? Is it necessary? Some physicians say it is bad and we should limit our activities.  These are just a few topics I discuss in today's episode.  Bottom line is that we as humans were meant to move much more than we do now.  We were not meant to sit inside in a cubical or on a couch for hours on end.  We need fresh air and to push ourselves just a little bit further than we think we can.  I hope you enjoy my discussion.  

If you have questions please email me at jami@doctordulaney.com and please visit the website at doctordulaney.com.  

We would love to help you prepare for your next adventure.

Eat plants, run strong and thank you for listening. 


Sep 19, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellnes Podcast Episode 180-with Dr. Pam Popper-What You Need to Consider About ADHD Medications and How to Maximize Childhood Nutrition

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I am honored to have Dr. Pam Popper on the podcast today to discuss ADHD treatment alternatives and the role that nutrition plays in mental health.  Dr. Popper is the founder and President of Wellness Forum Health. She has designed and orchestrates numerous programs for reversing lifestyle diseases. Her presentations are thought provoking, and she is not afraid to ask why and how medical therapies have become standards of care.  She answers all of her own emails allowing her to be very responsive to timely health questions.  She is the author of multiple books with the latest one being Food over Medicine-The Conversation that could change your life. 

Today we discuss the recently FDA approved medication Jornay PM for the treatment of ADHD in children.  This medication was released after two studies of only 3 and 6 weeks duration showing modest improvements of 5.9-7.1%.  The problems are many.  How success was measured was very subjective, and there have been no long term studies with similar preparations of methylphenidate showing any benefit.  In fact, those treated tend to do worse with regards to behavior and hard metrics such as educational success.  This is all in the face of substantial black box warnings that include psychotic breaks and and increased risk of suicide.  

We want the best for our children and certainly do not want them to suffer.  However, adaptive skills and coping mechanisms cannot be learned if we constantly shield our children from experiencing life's stressors.  We do know one of the best things parents can do is to provide nutrient dense meals on a daily basis.  Good nutrition translates into bigger and better brains as well as healthy immune systems.  Meal time can be a struggle in the early days or with change, and we give you some suggestions that may be of help.  We will also provide you with alternatives to medications with regards to ADHD.  

Dr. Poppers website: drpampopper.com,  email: pampopper@msn.com

If you have questions please email me at jami@doctordulaney.com

Visit our website at doctordulaney.com

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Sep 8, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellnss Podcast Episode 178-with Dr Saray Stannic-”Once You See the Magic”

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I am honored to speak with Dr. Saray Stancic.  To say she is driven and passionate about her life choices is an understatement.  She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis during the third year of her medical residency which is one of the hardest times physically and mentally of a physicians life.  The condition was aggressive despite multiple medications.  She finished her residency and went on to a specialty of infectious disease because she was so passionate about helping those with HIV.  Her own condition deteriorated to the point she was walking with a cane, and in her thirties had to have a handicapped parking sticker to get to and from the hospital.  Driven as she is, she researched her condition and found scientific publications dating back to the 1950s linking nutrition to the development and the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  She decided to implement a plant based diet, exercise and stress management herself, and the results have been miraculous.  She completed a full marathon in 2010 without the cane, and the sticker in her car window has been gone for over 12 years. She became so passionate of the effects that plant based nutrition can have on lifestyle diseases that she has changed her practice to one of Lifestyle Medicine. She is passionate about educating other healthcare professionals about the need to implement nutrition in medicine.   She is now about to release a documentary on the need to educate health professionals on the merits of plant based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.   I hope you enjoy this courageous and motivating story of a dedicated and compassionate physician.  

You can learn more about Saray Stancic MD by going to her website at DrStancic.com.  She is on Twitter @StancicMD.  Instagram @drstancic and please check out the documentary website at codebluedoc.com.

Please email me with any questions at jami@doctordulaney.com.  Our website is doctordulaney.com.


Aug 31, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 177-Taking Care of Yourself and Why You Should Avoid Extreme Eating

Welcome and thank you for listening.  We all realize that exercise is good for you.  Last week I discussed how it could add years onto your life.  I discuss a study on this episode how exercise might help prevent colon and lung cancer.  Exercise, is a lot like everything in life.  You get out of it what you put into it.  Why can't people stay on the exercise or the plant strong wagon?  Is it your spouse's fault, your kids, your boss? I have been reading two books that have given me some insight into the problem.  The first is What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell and the second is 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson.  What the Dog Saw is a collection of pieces that Malcolm wrote that shows things are often not as they seem.  We use the Bell Curve to describe a lot of phenomena and then focus interventions aimed at the large portion in the center.  Sometimes focusing on the ends is actually more important and rewarding.  We use plant based nutrition to reverse lifestyle diseases.  It works wonderful if you can do it and a lot of people realize it but cannot stay on track.  Perhaps those people need to look elsewhere and perhaps inward.  Are you worthy of good health?  Would you neglect other's health like you neglect yours?  When a parent is in the hospital, the adult children are on their parents to take better care of themselves.  Take their medicine and watch their diets.  But do they? Dr. Peterson suggests that perhaps they do not find themselves worthy of attention to their health details.  

This may allow people to go as far as extreme eating.  These high fat, salt, calorie meals were described in a NY Times article.  You might be surprised just how bad some of those more expensive sit down chains are with regard to nutrition.  Just because it costs more does not mean it is healthy.

I hope you enjoy my rants.  Please visit the website at doctordulaney.com and email me at jami@doctordulaney.com


Aug 25, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellnes Podcast Episode 176-Can a Single Fitness Measurement Predict Longevity

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Lance Armstrong had one of the highest V02 max readings at 84.  Killian  Jornet, the world class ultra runner clocks in at an amazing level of 92.  In a study published in the Journal of the American Cardiology, August, 2018 investigators in Copenhagan followed 5000 males for 42 years to evaluate the effect of V02 max on longevity.  Those with the highest levels at age 50 lived 4.9 years longer than the lowest quartile.  We discuss V02 max and what it might mean for those interested in achieving optimal health and fitness.  

I shared some struggles that I have encountered over the past week with members transitioning to plant based nutrition.  There are many stumbling blocks even when you have the best intentions.  It is like learning a new language when words have more than one meaning causing you to say something totally different than you had intended.  

Weight loss plans are often mistaken as a means to health which cound not be further from the truth.  Most of these plan focus on portion control.  I received an invitation to an ice cream social that the hospital is sponsoring to celebrate their bariatric surgery program.  The belief is that if you control your portions even with radical surgery you still can eat unhealthful foods.  I received another invitation to a BBQ pig roast for doctor appreciation for the hospital.  They would not have that menu it they did not think the majority of doctors would find it appealing and enjoy the "occassional" overindulgence.  By supporting such events we are acknowledging our disconnect with food and health.  If your doctor does not take care of his or her own health, how will they ever take care of yours?  

We have had the most success in reversing lifestyle diseases through our nutrition education programs.  Members have three classes to choose from weekly that review the why and how with regards to plant based nutrition.  We have a members only website that has cooking demonstrations and lectures that can be accessed if they cannot attend class.  Working together as a team with a physician and a registered dietitian provides the support needed to make achieving health and wellness a success.  Please check out the website at doctordulaney.com and email me at jami@doctordulaney.com with questions.  Sign up for the newsletter on the website to receive monthly newsletters sharing insights and tips to become the healthiest you.  

Thank you for listening. 


Aug 18, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 175-There is Always Hope for a Healthier You

Welcome, and thank you for listening.  My Grandmother used to say, "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride".  Can you hear the Irish self determination in that?  My Italian Grandmother would say, "If everyone hung their dirty laundry out, you would want to bring your own back in".  These were two of the most self sufficient determined women I have every met.  There lives were anything but easy and they are largely why I became a physician so that others would not have their lives cut short by lifestyle diseases.  Could I have convinced them to change to a plant based lifestyle?  I am sure that I could have and I sure wish that I had the chance.  

But I am happy to be able to light a fire under you to change your nutrition so that you can avoid or reverse lifestyle diseases.  There is nothing in eggs or cheese burgers worth dying for.  And if that is all that makes you happy right now then you need to start the journey to look elsewhere.  I would venture to say that it is not too far away. Friends don't let friends drive drunk but they certainly help you to eat poorly.  It takes great courage for someone to say, hey, let's not eat that greasy, salty food today.  Let me treat you to a plant based dish that I enjoy.  

If you are stuck, pick your self up and take the first step.  Eat a healthy breakfast, try some greens for lunch and take a five minute walk.  Tomorrow, repeat and add a little more.  You will feel better.  We would love to help you on your journey to health and wellness.  Having a positive mental attitude is everything.  Check out the website at doctordulaney.com to let us help you get back on offense.  Email me at jami@doctordulaney.com and follow me on Instagram and Facebook @jaimeladulaney. 


Aug 13, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellnes Podcast Episode 174-The ICNM Conference with Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I am joined in this episode by Addie Dulaney Majnaric to discuss our trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine.  It was great traveling with Addie not only as my daughter but representing our practice as the only mother-daughter, MD-RDN team practicing plant based nutrition as medicine.  It was great to hear reviews of the literature on the role of plant based nutrition as well as to hear new and exciting research.  

The first speaker was Dean Ornish, MD who could be considered the first person to document with real images of the vasculature a reversal of disease.  His program incorporates movement, stress reduction, social connectedness and plant based nutrition to not only reverse cardiovascular disease but prostate cancer.  

We heard about the cellular mechanisms that plant based nutrition has to reverse diabetes and decrease Alzheimer's disease.  Dr. Saray Stancic gave a wonderful presentation on the treatment of multiple sclerosis with plant based nutrition and the association of cardiovascular risk factors with the development of multiple sclerosis.  

Eating poorly not only causes the development of vascular disease but strongly influences DNA damage leading to cancers and acceleration of the immune response that causes autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.  

There were over a 1000 health care providers there to soak up this information and much more.  The message is clear.  In order to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases, we must adopt and educate our patients on plant based nutrition.  

Addie and I were very excited to have a practice in place that is doing just that.  We have three nutrition classes available to our patients each week that teaches the science behind plant based nutrition and how to implement plant based cooking into ones life.  It is a social environment of encouragement, and we are there personally to guide people in their journey.  To lear more about our practice visit doctordulaney.com.  Please email us at addie@doctordulaney.com or jami@doctordulaney.com with questions.  We would love to hear from you and help you to get your plant based journey to health started. 


Aug 4, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 173-with Dr. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Are your legs strong?  Do nutritional cheat days really matter?  Today my guest Drs Ayesha and Dean Sherzai discuss these things and more.  They call themselves TeamSherzai because they are co directors of the Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University.  After being frustrated with the traditional pharmacologic model of treating dementia, they discovered the best treatment and prevention was founded on nutrition and healthy living. They coauthored a book called The Alzheimer's Solution that discusses the pillars of dementia prevention that include nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and sleep.  We discuss such myths as cheat days, intermittent fasting followed by a poor diet as well as much more. 

Our brains require a great deal of energy to function daily.  This means that blood flow to the brain is extremely important.  Limiting that flow by a systemic blood pressure that is too low, and disease of the arteries feeding the brain can result in cognitive decline.  One way to ensure good nutrient supply to the brain is to exercise daily and build strong legs.  Having strong muscular legs will generate the blood flow needed to perfuse the brain as well as growth factors to promote neuron or brain cell growth and maintenance.  Team Sherzai are believers in good habit development with regards to exercise and nutrition.  It is also important to get these good exercise and nutrition habits developed at a young age in order to prevent decline that can begin in your twenties.  Remember, if we are not growing we are declining.  

Check out their website at Teamsherzai.com and their book The Alzheimer's Solution for a reference on the prevention of dementia. Please visit my website at doctordulaney.com to find out how our practice is aimed at reversing lifestyle diseases through plant based nutrition and exercise.  Email me at jami@doctordulaney.com. with questions.  Thank you for listening. 


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