May 18, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 163 with The Incredible Shrinking Bearded Man

 Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I am honored to have Jeff Koettel on the show.  Jeff has struggled with his weight most of his life trying numerous fad diets and hitting a maximum weight of 500 pounds.  Today, Jeff attributes adopting a simple plant based nutrition plan to his ability to maintain his weight at 220 pounds.  He shares his struggles with the various weight loss plans and the mental anguish associated with regaining weight.  Most of these fad weight loss programs are just that; temporary weight loss solutions.  They are designed for a quick weight loss and are willing to have you sign up again to repeat their programs after you have regained your weight.  The media is flooded with advertisements showing thin beautiful people indulging in fatty, oily, sweet processed foods leading the us to believe that it is possible to control the intake of these things and everything is fine in moderation.  

Jeff shares his story and gives some great tips that he uses to keep things simple while working long hours.  He also shares how he deals with people who continue to temp him to eat poorly despite knowing what he has been through.  I hope you find his story as inspirational and please check out his Facebook page that links to his Youtube page as well:

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May 7, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Welness Podcast Episode 161-Sarasota Vegefest with Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I am joined by Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN to discuss our participation and experience at the Sarasota Vegefest.  It was there first ever Vegefest and the organizers did a fantastic job.  The turnout was marvelous as was the venders and variety of speakers.  I would encourage everyone on their vegan or plant-based journey to attend their local vegefest.  Often times the vegan and plant-based communities are not supportive of each other.  I believe that hurts both communities.  The aim of both is health.  A healthier environment, a healthier community, and healthier animals.  Seeing the different animal rescue groups shows us that all creatures need to be treated humanely and compassionately.  This in turn strengthens a plant-based eater's conviction to stay true and avoid animal products and question the ingredients and source of their food.  A vegan eating junk food is not going to maintain the health needed to do the work needed to bring awareness to the plight of animals and the planet.  

We had a great day at the booth meeting people from all over the Tampa Bay area as well as people new to the area.  Many people were looking for support to continue their plant based journey and become healthy again.  It was great to see the members of our practice sporting their "Our Heart Beets Plant Strong" shirts.  

My talk showcased the success of our membership practice in developing a community of plant strong healthy people through education and nutrition classes.  I presented a wide range in age of people enjoying the health benefits of a plant strong diet.  

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May 2, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 160-The Best Deodorant in the World

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I interviewed Margo Khoury of The Best Deodorant in the World.  She describes business as socially conscious.  When most people choose to live a plant-based lifestyle, they have a desire to be the healthiest that they can be.  Certainly, what we put in our mouths can go a long way to help or hurt that mission.  Exercise is another important role to make our bodies as fit and functional as possible.  Often, we fail to realize that our skin care products, tooth pastes, and other topical products can have an impact on our health as well.  Deodorant is one of them.  Most commercial brands contain aluminum, parabens and other chemicals that have known harmful affects.  Breast cancers most often occur in the upper outer quadrant not far from the axilla where we apply these chemical daily.  Margo and her husband decided to make a safe and effective deodorant but that was not enough.  She learned about the 800 million people in this world without access to clean water.  She decided to share the proceeds of her deodorant sales with who actively provide safe drinking water to those in need.  Every jar of deodorant that she sales will go to provide clean water for a year to someone in need.  Check out her story on the podcast and advance your healthy lifestyle by choosing non toxic healthy deodorant and other skin care products.  Avoid deodorants that contain aluminum, parabens and triclosen.  Check out her website at the and  If you have questions, please email me at  Check out my website at


Apr 26, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Base Wellness Podcast Episode 159-Mendicino 50K report

Welcome and thank you for listening.  I am an 50K Ultra finisher!.  If you have not visited Mendocino, California  and would like a vegan destination vacation this is the place.  The Standford Inn is a great in that it is entirely vegan and pet friendly.  Dog companions are even welcome to join you for dinner. The grounds are beautiful with raised beds terraced on the property and full of beautiful and colorful plants.  The current growing season features fava bean plants with purple, pink and white flowers.  There was red kale and cabbage as well as artichokes.  Multiple varieties of greens and herbs were also plentiful.  The apple trees were in blossom making the scenery at the Inn spectacular.  

The race starts just across the river from the Inn and heads up a logging trail for about 8 miles before heading up a single track trail that winds through the red wood trees.  I was aware there would be climbs but I did not comprehend the steepness and duration of each climb.  Nor was I prepared well enough.  Living in Florida does not give one too many options for hill training other than bridges and treadmills.  Neither would be steep enough in the short term.  More weight training to increase my back and leg muscle strength as well as prolonged walking/running on the maximal treadmill incline will be part of the next Ultra training plan.  Nonetheless it was an epic experience and I enjoyed every minute.  Not the seconds that I plunged to the ground, however.  I hope you enjoy my story and more.  Email me at and check out the website at  Follow what I eat on Instagram at Jaimeladulaney and check us out on facebook under the same name.    

Thank you for listening. 


Apr 18, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 158-The Plant Based Game

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Why can't plant based nutrition be fun and a game.  Would lives the longest? Who has the best cholesterol?  Who can eliminate medications? Who eats the most colorful plate? Who creates the best meal of the week? This is not punishment but a challenge.  Not unlike golf or tennis.  Learning a language.  The prize is health and energy.   A challenge yes.  Punishment, no.  We are here to coach you if you are interested.  There is no need for another heart attack, or BP medication or adult onset diabetes.  No need to have aches and pains.  

I don't like batch cooking.  By the time you stand there all day you hate the meals.  They go in the freezer and never come out.  The substitution is some fast food or take out.  Food is wasted.  Time is wasted and you feel punished for having to stay in the kitchen for prolonged periods of time.  You deserve fresh and colorful food.  It can be simple fruit and vegetables.  Perfect in their natural forms.  It does not have to be complicated but present the food plated and appealing to the eye.  I would rather see someone spend time plating simple foods than a batch cooked soggy meal full of oil and salt.  

If you would like help reversing your lifestyle disease or becoming plant based give us an email at  Check out the website at  Also check out to see what our dietitian Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN is up too.  

Thank you for listening.  I hope you are winning at the game of plant based life.  


Apr 11, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 157 with Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN-WVAND recap

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Addie and I have been traveling. We went back to West Virginia for the West Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting.  I was the keynote speaker and did a presentation on reversing lifestyle disease through plant based nutrition.  I presented several of our success stories as well as the science behind plant-based nutrition.  I commend the dedication of registered dietitians and respect their extensive education not only about nutrition but the knowledge needed to understand disease mechanisms and how to apply that knowledge to individuals with unique life circumstances.  We like to say it is all about the food, but we all know that there is much more than a menu to improve someones health.  

I was particularly moved by the hunger problem that faces many rural communities in West Virginia.  Senator John Unger started a dialog with the attendees on how best to address this subject.  The thought of a little boy asking for a second school lunch so that he could give his dinner to his brother brought us to tears and continues to each time I recount it.  Together potential solutions were discussed and plans were made to implement changes to help.  There is a great local farm movement also aimed at feeding West Virginia's poor and bringing family farms in tough with business opportunities to help all parties involved.  

We discuss many other topics that were brought up and I hope that you may also be moved to look into your own community to help and to perhaps visit your local farmers market to support the great things that are done at a local level.

As always, we would love for you to visit the website at  You can reach me at  Your can reach Addie at  Also check out her website  Thank you. 


Mar 31, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Epiisode 156-Happy Spring

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Spring is in the air.  What a great time to dial up your health and fitness. It is also a time that processed foods spring up and grab you.  One of the processed foods that complicates glucose processing is CRACKERS! They are marketed as containing quinoa, beets, spelt and a host of other "potentially" healthy things but the one ingredient that they all have somewhere is oil.  It may be flaxseed or nuts but it is still oil surrounded by a processed grain that allows the fat to easily escape into the bloodstream blocking the uptake of glucose.   Beware.  

I also spoke about snacking.  Or in reality a nearly constant drip of food into ones body throughout the waking hours. How sly are the food companies to rename candy bars into energy bars and protein bars.  We have learned to fear the hunger pain as it if was a disaster warning.  We keep plying in the food like filling a storage unit full of useless junk.  The cost is high both to our wallets and our health.  

The opposite is fasting.  Letting the body heal between feedings.  The ketogenic folks have ruined this concept by adding in calories from animal fat and protein.  So the benefits of ketone bodies are negated by the addition of the metabolites from animal products causing the body to have to deal with free radicals and inflammation while already in a stressed state.  It is like burning tires with all of the toxins emitted.  

The answer: eat colorful fruits and vegetables.  Eat those 5 cups of greens daily.  Get plenty of fiber.  And do not eat between meals.  

Happy Easter and Passover. Happy Spring.  Peace to all including our newborn animal friends.  Email me at and please visit the website at  Thank you for listening. 


Mar 26, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 155-Recap of the 3rd Annual Plant Based Nutrition Conference with Addie Dulaney Majnaric

Welcome and thank you for listening.  This episode is a recap of our 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference.  A big thank you to all those attending including our speakers: Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD, Timaree Hagenburger,RD, and Doug Lisle, PhD.  Thanks also to a guest appearance by Nathan Majnaric, Strength Coach for Georgia State University.  I could not be more pleased with the way the conference turned out.  The whole food plant based breakfast and lunch were as beautiful as nutritious.  The topics for discussion flowed seemlessly beginning with Addie's discussion on plant based nutrition for all stages of life.  I added a discussion on  how a harmonious and symbionic coexistence with our microbes at all stages of life is important. Doug Lisle, Phd, discussed his thoughts on our basic human nature trips us up when we expose ourselves to hightly processed foods.  Timaree added a discussion on the plant based nutrition's role in brain health.  Our dynamic registered dietietians did a spectacular job with a cooking demonstration giving pointers for everyday meal preparation for the whole family.  We ended the day with a question and answer session gave everyone the opportunity to improve their understanding of the topics discussed.  We did record and video the sessions and will offer trailers on the website.  It was a fabulous day.  I hope to see all of you and more next year.  

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Mar 10, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 154-Comfort Zone

Welcome and thank you for listening.  March 24th is the 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference.  This is a unique opportunity to interact with speakers and like minded individuals in an intimate setting with great plant based food and cooking demonstrations and much more.  Go to to see the link to and get your tickets now.  

Today I want to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.  Quit coasting and go for greatness.  Set goals each day and learn from failures or metrics that you set.  Monitoring your glucose 3 hours after eating can be a way to look back at what you ate and devise a plan for better choices the next day.  Your glucose should be back to 100 after those three hours.  Your daily weight can also be a metric to let you know if you were exposed to more salt than you can tolerate along with more calories than you should have had.  Devise a stratagy for the next time.  Be specific and don't say I will try to do better.  Make it tangible.  This will be my choice.  Being a little uncomfortable will result in much more growth and confidence than doing what you know is safe. 

Our bodies deteriorate without attention to detail. We have great ways to ignore what is happening.  We loose muscle and bone mass each year unless we are activly working to build more.  Those sayings, "can't pinch an inch" and "move it or loose it" are right on the money. 

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Mar 3, 2018

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 153-What the Fork? with Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD

Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I am joined by Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD for our discussion on misconceptions in medicine and nutrition-WHAT the FORK! Isn't irritating to be duped by marketing? Sold a potion, pill or advise that is just not true?  There are millions of people out there willing to sell you something that makes you feel good about yourself when in most cases it is actually causing you harm.  People want to be healthy.  People want their children to be healthy.  But advertisements and false claims about medicines and nutrition are abundant.  The only thing more abundant is sugary, salty, oily foods.  They are packaged in colorful wrappers or at places with jingles that get into your head driving you into their restaruants.  There is a souce of food on every corner but not so much a souce of nutrients.  It is somewhat like early man looking for any source of calories to sustain life without eating poisonus vegetation or rotten animal flesh.  Now we have have to navigate false claims to get nutrient dense food that does not promote the new plague; lifestyle diseases.  There is no age group that is immune.  Even the unborn children are subjected to diabetic medications such as metformin resulting in an increase risk of obesity in their early years of life.  Being an overweight young women adds emotional stress but also increases the risk of cancers, polycystic ovary disease, endometriosis, infertility, and diabetes.  Throwing medications at this problem does not fix it but promotes more medical complications and risks.  Listen as we discuss many of these topics today.  

There is hope and we are excited to share it.  No one need have gestational diabetes or hypertension. Much of our current day health problems can be address through plant based nutrition.  

We would love to help.  Check out or email us at or for more information.  We would love to see you at our 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference March 24, 2018 in Punta Gorda, Florida.  


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