Jun 14, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast-Episode 213 with Patrick Mckeown

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Today I have a special guest, Patrick Mckeown.  He is the author of The Oxygen Advantage and leads workshops throughout his native Ireland, North America, Europe, and Australia on the benefits of breathing "light"  We can go 40 days without eating, and several days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen, yet we rarely discuss how breathing affects our health and wellbeing.  

Patrick and I discuss the basics of why we breath and dive into the etiologies of sleep apnea, panic disorders, and athletic performance to name a few.  As with most pathologic conditions, we treat sleep apnea the same way regardless of the etiology with a mask.  Little education is given to the patient other than to wear the mask and loose weight.  Rarely is one's breathing technique assessed by a physician, yet medications are prescribed for COPD, asthma, and allergies without a discussion of the possibility of reversal or improvement. 

People with panic disorders and poor sleep are given medications with many side effects and little benefits without ever taking into account their breathing which also greatly affects their autonomic nervous system response such as inflammation, hypertension and tachycardias. 

Athletes train but are rarely educated on the performance enhancements of effective breathing such as the potential to raise hemoglobin levels and metabolic function.  

Patrick and I discuss many of these things in a very practical sense.  Please check out his book: The Oxygen Advantage.

You can find him on social media:

oxygenadvantage.com/facebook.com/theoxygenadvantage/, and instagram.com/oxygenadvantage/?hl=en

Don't forget to check our our new cookbook: Plant-based Wellness: Three generations of cooking: the Doctor, the Dietitian and the Diva.  We would love a great Amazon review if you enjoy the recipes.  The book can be purchased at doctordulaney.com/resources/products or amazon.com/dp/1733967702/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_W7T7CbY3DR

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Jun 8, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episde 212-My Takeaways for the Week

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  It has been an exciting week launching our book-Plant-based wellness cookbook-three generations of cooking: with the Doctor, the Dietitian, and the Diva.  In this episode I will discuss how my week fit together with new studies about meat, new discussions about the microbiome, and new observations and successes from our members.  

We are all trying to improve and we need to judge ourselves from where we are and not from where others appear to be.  Take the win and go forward.  Take the stumble and dust off and go again.  We all do.  

Check out the website at doctordulaney.com and emial me with questions or sign up for our monthly newsletter.  You can also find the link to buy the book!!.  Scroll on over to naturallyrootednutrition.com to meet our RDN, Addie Dulaney Majnaric and get some special tips as well. 

Thank you for listening!




May 31, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 211: The Doctor, The Dietitian and the Diva

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  It has arrived. I am joined today by my mom, the Diva, my daughter, the Dietitian to announce that our cookbook is finally available for purchase.  I could not be more pleased than to have created this cookbook with 2 of my favorite people.  My mother is a lighthouse to show others how plant based nutrition can help one regain their health at any age.  Addie not only organized and created, but did the photography for the entire book as well as the nutrition checks.  I could not be part of a better team.

The book is dedicated to my grandmother Addie Dulaney.  She passed from a massive heart attack as a complication of diabetes.  She was my inspiration to go to medical school to learn to treat these dreaded diseases.  Who knew that her love of cooking would ultimately inspire me to teach people how to cook plant based food in order to heal themselves from lifestyle diseases such and diabetes and heart disease. 

I hope you enjoy the recipes that me and my family have created.  The are some of our nutrition class students favorites as well. 

The cookbook is available on Amazon: or from our website at https://doctordulaney.com/resources/plant-based-nutrition-resources/ 

Thank you for listening. 

May 24, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episod 210-You have to Play a Little

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  I just got back from Houston, Texas where we celebrated Addie Majnaric, RDN and the Diva aka my Mother's birthdays.  We celebrated by playing.  We ran, went to TopGolf and to the University of Houston's football training facility.  A family that play's together stays healthy together.  

The world can get way to complicated and we forget to just enjoy the moment.  Sometimes exercise is seen as a chore or a debt to be paid for eating or sitting in an office.  I would like to think of it as joy.  I am happiest when I am with my family and being outside playing with them is even better.  

We all have struggles but sometime we get in our own way and sometime we need a jolt to make us realize just how great the simple things in life can be. 

If you need a little motivation, I suggest you watch a documentary called Emmanuel's gift.  Emmanuel was born without a tibia so one of his leg's was useless.  He did not let that define him but instead used it to propel him to help others.  He pedaled a bike across Ghana to show that great things can be achieved despite what others might perceive as physical challenges.  

We all struggle in one way or another.  Perhaps if we played more and took things a little less serious we would see that those perceived challenges and obstacles are really our own individual paths to shine.  It is not easy but,  if you play a little, the journey is even more sweet. 

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May 11, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 209-Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome! and thank you for listening!.  Happy Mother's day or perhaps Happy Women's day to all of you who care for humans, animals, neighbors, run households and support others.  This is a really short episode wishing all of you a peaceful and healthy day.  I hope that includes some exercise because it is important everyday.  If you are cooking or eating out, I hope you treat your loved ones or are treated to a healthy plant based meal.  Celebration food can be healthy and nutrient dense.  Take time to present the food in a special way so that you can appreciate the goodness of a colorful plant based meal.  Be grateful for those preparing your healthy meals all year long and for the workers that help to grow the food and get it to the table.  

Happy Mothers Day! 


May 7, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plan Based Wellness Podcast: Episode 208:Vegefest Sarasota

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Addie Majnaric RDN and I attended the Sarasota Vegefest last weekend. We had an information tent, and I was on the physician's speaker panel and 2 of our members were on the success story panel. 

I discuss our day and the panel discussions on this podcast.  Who goes to a Vegefest? What are they looking for?  The fact that a festival of any kind other than a health festival promotes health is unique.  In fact health festivals are usually not really health promoting but gadget and potion promoting festivals.  We were promoting the health benefits a plant based diet to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.  We were also showcasing the uniqueness of our practice.  We do not sell supplements or gadgets.  We do promote wellness.  We differ from coaching services in that our practice has a full time physician, nurse and dietitian to educate and to treat people in health and sickness.  

The information age is great in that anyone with internet access can search a disease and potential treatments.  Make your own diagnosis and get ratings of the recommended treatments.  It is great to get educated and ask questions.  However, navigating the literature and sorting out fact from fiction can be very difficult.  We look for what we want to hear.  We believe those with a dynamic personality or a hopeful or easier strategy.  That does not always serve us.  

I believe nothing beats the ability to communicate directly with a well trained staff.  If you would like to learn more about our medical practice that prevents as well as treats, check out our website at doctordulaney.com or email me at jami@doctordulaney with questions.  

Apr 26, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Welless Podcast Episode 207: Mendocino 50K Recap and More

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The Mendocino 50K is in the books.  It was a great race with great support and great post race food.  It was great to do a vegan race and meet a lot of plant strong people.  

Slowly more evidence is coming out to support plant based nutrition in the prevention and reversal of disease.  This month's JAMA links a high fiber intake to significant reductions in mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many cancers.  Besides colon cancer, there is a reduction of pancreatic, ovarian and liver cancers with a high fiber diet.  Only plants contain fiber.  To reduce your risk aim for greater than 50 grams of fiber daily. These levels cannot be achieved while filling up on meat, dairy and processed foods.  By eliminating animal foods you will also select for a more balanced and protective gut microbiota.  Eat your vegetables and fruit.

We are getting close to releasing our cookbook and will keep you posted.  I will be speaking at the Sarasota VegeFest May 4th.  Come by and say hi if you are in the area.  Check out the website at doctordulaney.com for information about the practice as well as a link to MamaSezz.com for some great plant strong meals delivered to your door.  Email me with questions at jami@doctordulaney.com.

Thank you for listening!

Apr 13, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 206-Where are you on the scale when it comes to your health’s tipping point?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Do you think of nutrition as how much junk can I eat and get away with it, or what can I eat to preserve my health? The saying, we want our cake and eat it has a lot of validity.  

The vegan movement is focused on not eating animals and therefore, it is looking for substitutes for animal products.  There is not much claim for health other than a few marketing words such as nonGMO or gluten and cholesterol free.  Certainly, getting the cholesterol out of the diet is helpful.  But fat has always been the larger percentage of unhealthy ingredients.  When we see the vegan burgers or vegan eggs our dilemma of giving up something is gone.  

The same thing goes for curing lifestyle diseases.  We look first to pills or procedures that can offer us our beauty or health back without changing our current behaviors.  We blame our genetics on our health fate and are even willing to have them altered if possible to not have to change our current behaviors.  

There is not one pill in the compendium of pharmaceuticals that does not list interactions or side effects. If you alter one pathway, there will be consequence in another.  Can we afford the compromise is the only question?  Most people do not even ask what that compromise might be, including physicians.  

Dialing in your plant based nutrition and amplifying your exercise program can help you stay away for the slide down the scale to ill health.  Look to what you can do to maximize your nutrition and daily life instead of quick fixes.  Maximize today and tomorrow may be a little brighter. 

Check out my website at doctordulaney.com to learn more about what we do at our practice to maximize health.  Sign up for our newsletter or weekly blog.  Email me at jami@doctordulaney.com with questions.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram at Jaimleladulaney.

Thank you for listening.  

Apr 4, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 205-What I Learned at the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Wellness Conference

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference was a success.  I believe the best conference we have done yet! Many thanks to Lynda Albert our event cohost, Addie Majnaric, RDN, Eric O"Grey, Alan Goldhamer and our chef, Cheffy Bowman.  I would also like to thank our sponsors MamaSezz.com and TowerGarden of JuicePlus.  It was a great day of motivation, education and celebration and we are already planning next year.  The date has been set for March 28, 2020.  

I love to learn and observe.  Hearing topics presented with a different twist along with new information is a great way to solidify knowledge.  Many of our members feel uncomfortable or unsure of their plant strong convictions when bombarded by questions from their friends. Being at a conference like this one is a way to gain a deeper understanding not only of the science of plant based nutrition but the impact that it has on peoples health.  As they say you are never too old to learn and I can attest to that.  

In today's episode, I share some of my insights on the topics presented at the conference.  I hope you enjoy.  

Please check out the website atdoctordulaney.com for more information and opportunities to join our membership practice or subscribe to our newsletter and weekly blog.  You will also find a link to mamasezz.com/doc .  We have partners with pl to develop and promote an athletic bundle that will allow athletes to obtain great plant based nutrition even when traveling or just to busy to cook.  You can get your nitric oxide promoting beets and many other nutrient dense foods that are tasty and handy.  

As always,  thank you for listening.  

Mar 25, 2019

Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 204-Get Your Tickets to the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Tickets sales close in 2 days for the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference in Punta Gorda, Florida on March 30, 2019.  You can purchase tickets at doctordulaney.com by clicking the link to Eventbrite.com.  This is going to be a day of celebration.  Health, wellness, motivation and education along with great plant based food.  Dr. Alan Goldhamer will be speaking on water fasting as compared to intermittent fasting. Eric O Grey will share his health transformation journey and perhaps give us some marathoning tips!.  I am going to brag about all of the successes my practice members have achieved and why we do what we do.  Addie will give you the low down on tweaking plant based nutrition to help you achieve your optimal performance and health.  What is not to like.  

Eating plant based is great and we know nitric oxide helps dilated blood vessels and reverses cardiovascular disease.  But it also has a positive effect on our immune system to make cancer cells less prone to spread. Cholesterol plays a role in cancer spread as well so eating a plant based diet can decrease the potency of cancer cells by taking away a source of cholesterol.  There are so many exciting ways eating a colorful, delicious, plant based meal can help us maintain health and wellness. 

Thank you for listening! See you this weekend in Punta Gorda, Florida.  Email me with questions at jami@doctordulaney.com .  

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