Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast: Can You Have Calcium in All the Wrong Places?


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 Most people thinking of switching to a plant based diet worry about getting “enough of “ and in particular “enough calcium”.  Most are not exactly sure about all the things calcium is used for, but most associate calcium with bone health.  Thank you dairy association.  However, calcium is vital to muscle contractions and a multitude of other bodily chemical reactions.  People tend to worry about their bones when indeed as we age, we tend to get calcium in all the wrong places.

Micro or small calcifications in the breast have been associated with an increased risk of cancer.  They are also associated with a history of birth control use and natural aging.  When are they ok, and when are they bad?  We see calcium in scar tissue.  Most recently, calcium in the coronary arteries have been associated with coronary artery disease.  Screening x-rays often show the presence of calcium in older folks and has led to more intense x-rays such as CAT scans to calculate exactly where and how much calcium there is in these “wrong places”.   Is calcium in arteries all bad?  Is calcium a smoking gun detector for wide spread cardiovascular disease?  A recent study published in the in the British Medical Journal looks at coronary calcium and exercise.  This will be the topic of this podcast.

Spoiler alert: KEEP EXERCISING!


If you liked this podcast, and you have more questions, you can join Addie Majnaric, RDN and I this Thursday for a live Zoom Webinar.  Link to purchase tickets is below.   We will be making 6 fall recipes and discussing all things health and nutrition.  I look forward to speaking with you.

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