Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 117-Take Control of Your Own Health Care


The greatest gift a teacher can receive is to see a student be successful.  I had the same feeling this week when a patient was successful in curing his diabetes with a whole foods plant based diet.  It was not easy.  His nutrition was not that poor from the sense of the Standard American Diet but nevertheless he had developed diabetes and was starting to have complication.  It is easy to become the victim of diabetes.   Perhaps you have the genetic predisposition for disease.  You don't eat different from those around you.  Your doctor says you have it and will need medicine for the rest of your life but it is controllable.  Your medicine is paid for by insurance perhaps.  Why change?  This is where you have the greatest ability to control your own destiny.  Not with insurance plans but with nutrition.  No deductables.  No side effects except a longer healthier life.  Diabetes cannot be reversed with eating a few more vegetables and continuing the meat, cheese and high fructose corn syrup, oil laden processed foods.  You know the ones.  To be generic they are in a box, a bag, a plastic container or a drink can or bottle.  They say natural or granola or energy in the label.  They cause a quick burst of happiness and high followed by a low requiring the consumption of more.  Sounds like a drug doesnt it.  Eat fruit as much as you want.  Eat vegetables and heaping portions of greens.  Eat potatoes and rice but top them with vegetables not oil and butter.  Then see your doctor to start elimininating those medications.  Email me with questions at jamidulaney@gmail.com.  Check out my website at doctordulaney.com. Follow me on Instagram @jaimeladulaney.  Have a healthy week.