Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 221-Just How Bad is That Cheat Meal?


Welcome! and Thank you for listening!. A lot of paleo people say they need a cheat meal because they have such a craving for carbohydrates that they have been denying their bodies.  It would be a good thing to cheat on a keto or paleo diet if it were with nutrient dense fruit or colorful vegetables, but they are mostly referring to refined carbohydrates such as simple sugars in deserts or bread type products. But what about those that try to eat a fairly "clean" diet of fruits, vegetables and a severing of meat who then gorge out on a huge portion of animal products like a 42 oz steak?  It was on a dare.  Is it worth it to win a prize?  Your name on the wall.  

I saw such a post about a man that did just that, and I wondered if he had regrets? I wondered if he realized that the toxins he ingested were not going to go away in a few hours or even weeks perhaps.  That fat and cholesterol ingested could be deposited into his blood vessels starting a flurry of inflammation and accelerated clotting of his blood.  We know from looking with the naked eye at blood drawn after a high fat meal that it appears white and cloudy.  In a 42 oz steak there is somewhere around 288 grams of fat and 1200 mg of cholesterol!

Ok you say, your cheat meal is not that bad.  It is just a piece of cake or a box of mac and cheese.  How bad?  Will it cause you to get Type 2 diabetes that day? What about your bad genes and a bad meal?

I will discuss those things a more on this episode.  I hope you enjoy. 

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Thank you for listening!

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