Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 226: It’s all about the flow!


Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  I am a plant based cardiologist that specializes in reversing lifestyle diseases through plant based nutrition and movement.  This allows me to eliminate the need for medications that many people think they will require for a lifetime.  

Athletes and sports psychologists talk about the flow state.  As a cardiologist the flow state that I am referring to is through the blood vessels. These tiny conducts have an inner most lining of endothelial cells that secret nitric oxide resulting in dilatation or enlargement of the blood vessel.  That means more blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  Want to run fast? You had better be able to get more blood flow to your legs.  Want to have a good memory?  You had better have good blood flow to your brain.  Want to restore health?  Supply the body with more nutrients through unobstructed blood flow.  

There was a study published this month by Lima et all in JAMA Cardiol. that looked at endothelial dilatation in response to the stress of a public speaking exercise on blood flow or endothelial reactivity.  The people studied had know coronary artery disease.  In the patients that had worsening endothelial dilatation after the stress of public speaking, there were a greater number of follow up deaths, heart failure episodes and unstable angina.  It was suggested that screening patients with this method may determine those at greater risk for cardiovascular events.  

Ok now, we know that people with endothelial dysfunction are at risk if they have known coronary artery disease.  How are we going to fix it? 

If we improve endothelial reactivity, will athletic performance improve? If eating oil causes vasoconstriction will that impair athletic performance? 

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I discuss these things and more on this episode. 

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