Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 230:


Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  There are many marketing campaigns about finding a cure for various cancers and other maladies.  Presidents have declared war on cancer and a commitment to ending heart disease.  Millions of dollars are spent on pharmaceutical research.  While this is all well and good, little effort is given to preventative campaigns.  The American Heart Walks will begin in a few months.  Again focus is on treatment instead of prevention.  I liken these things to the football analogy of prevent defense.  Let's be conservative in our efforts and hope the clock runs out before we loose the game.  We prescribe medications to ease suffering until the body finally cannot live any longer.  

In today's podcast, I discuss the mechanisms that risk factors cause disease.  Being overweight is a disease of modern society.  It is nearly impossible not to be with today's food choices. We don't realize that a few hundred extra calories each day translates into several thousand extra calories each year and over a  million calories in 10 years!.  Most adults struggle to keep that curve from going up steadily.  We yoyo diet up and down trying to play prevent defense.  The problem is the toxins we accumulate along with those added calories confounded by the hormones produced by the accumulated fat cells themselves.  

We have to keep our focus on the goal.  We have been led to believe that our happiness is connected only to the food we consume instead of life experiences. We are well served by eating vegetables, whole grains, and fruit.  We have abundance of food available to us and even plant based foods can lead to over consumption and ultimately the diseases associated with being overweight.  We have to regain our mindfulness of fueling our bodies in accordance to our metabolic needs.  

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