Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 378: In the Event of an Emergency, Put Your Own Mask on First


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This episode is dedicated to a dear friend of the practice that passed.  He will be remembered for his smile and quick, bent over swagger.  He was told to go to Florida and get his affairs in order several years ago after many cardiac and vascular procedures.  He was on a host of medications and could only walk 25 steps before his legs began to cramp when I met him at a young age of 59.  He lost weight and was able to walk without pain before life got in his way and ended taking his life at a very early age.  Grace and humility come in all shapes and sizes, and I will be ever grateful for having known him and learned from him.


Can you eat plant based with a history of kidney stones? Are they from calcium, oxalate, uric acid?  Plants? Animals?  I will set you mind at ease.  Spoiler, eat your vegetables and fruits.


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Music: Theme to Patch Adams by Bryan Kujawa


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