Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 384- Brazos Bend 50 Mile Race


Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  

Brazos Bend 50 Mile race is successfully in the books!

13 hour and 4 seconds.  Three 16.8 mile loops.  

This podcast is a recap of the race.  Like life there were bumps in the road.  However, everything seems to work out if you can keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Life and the timer continues to move even if you stop so it is best to keep in motion.  I am convinced we humans thrive best if we keep moving.  I paid close attention to the fluids and nutrition I consumed during the race.  Without doing that the outcome could have been much worse.  I was fueling for my desired goal.  I think that is perhaps the best lesson I can share.  Whether you are racing or living day to day life, fueling your body for the desired outcome is the most important aspect of achieving that outcome.  Poor food choices lead to bad outcomes like lifestyle diseases.  The problem is the consequences are not necessarily appreciated that day.  For most, goals are changed to fit declining health status.   Instead of being active, the outcome is to just exist and be a spectator of life.  Survive instead of thrive.  

Have you been labeled with bad knees or a bad back?  Do you have chronic conditions that limit your activities.  Are those stories limiting you more than they need to be? Have a listen to the podcast and perhaps you might just realize you have just scratched the surface of your potential.  

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